65 minutes | Oct 8, 2021

Philosophy, Personal Development And Learning Entrepreneurship With Noah Merriby on The LEARNED Podcast

Noah has been called the “next Tony Robbins”. We talk about moving to Canada, learning English, entrepreneurship and goal setting. Specifically, we look at building businesses, marketing and how to improve online learning. In this episode of The LEARNED Podcast, we also talked about how to create your own digital books, and the healthy way to grow an audience on social media. Episode NotesSome of the links in this post may be affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Keep in mind that we link these companies and their products because of their quality.Best Modern Mobile Recording Site: SquadcastOur guest today is often called “The Next Tony Robbins”. This is because he has a huge passion for lifelong learning, philosophy and personal development. While he appreciates the compliment, he is definitely carving out his own path. He has overcome a lot and shown a ton of resilience to start building his social media, business and life empire. Noah Merriby is the type of person that makes you wonder “how do you get so much done?” But, he learned through trial and error, how to work smart, and not just hard. Noah is the co-founder of Lurnus, an educational curation media brand. He also is a leader in social media growth, digital marketing and a big part of collaborations and content with us at Just Keep Learning.While he started a university degree focusing on business and marketing, Noah quickly realized that focusing full time on building businesses he owns was the best decision. He knew that he could always go back and complete a degree if he needed to. This is why we talk a lot in this episode of The LEARNED Podcast about self learning. The idea that we need a specific way to learn something is pretty traditional. It’s not to say school is unnecessary. But, it is to say we can learn in many other ways and each person learns differently.Noah builds a lot of personal brand content on mindset, speaking and career goal setting. His most recent startup is Lurnus, which curates educational content for people to learn about many different topics. Throughout the episode Noah opens up about being an immigrant to Canada and having to figure it all out at a young age. Another big part of his life was having to navigate bullying in school. It seems this challenge and the need for resilience paved the way for a solid foundation for being a business leader. We talked about why and how he got into entrepreneurship too. All about the things he learned along the way and how anyone can do it with the right attitude.The books Noah has published so far are called, the habits of success, you are what you know, and genius at work. So, no doubt he is focused on all the right things when it comes to helping his audience be more productive and live with more joy.In episode 10 of The LEARNED Podcast, we talked about how to craft your life vision and take the first steps to grow as an online educator.How To Craft Your Vision As An Online Business Leader:One of the biggest challenges we have as creative entrepreneurs is crafting a fine tuned vision and knowing the steps to take. Here are some tips to help:Take a piece of paper and penGo to a quiet placeAsk yourself, if a genie appears, what would you ask for in life?Write down everything you think of with zero limitations.Once you have a bunch of things pick one or two to focus onFind mentors, courses and content to follow that are specific to that goalPick a platform to focus 80% of your growth and community building onCraft something free that you give to your audience for joining your community, such as an e-book, guide, course, or exclusive opportunityAvoid all the things that are distracting, shiny ideas and stay focused by building systems and habits that you put in dailyMemorable Quotes“That book showed me that I can dream and that I can use my imagination to start creating a future of whatever I want to do. Really, just imagine, and then I can start working towards it. So I started imagining and I started thinking, where do I want to go? What do I want to achieve? And things started to build up for me.” “At first, it was messy. At first, it was messy. I would just write, I would talk to somebody and figure out a problem, and then I'd write about it and then afterward, I'll try to organize everything together. Now I'm writing a new book called State of Creation, and this is a lot more organized.”“I spent four months working on this business and 20 dollars in marketing, then it didn't work. I was like, oh, nobody likes it. I guess I'll drop it. Four years later, if I start working on other products, I launch my first ad and it doesn't perform well, I do something different. I refined the ads, test and it didn't work. And then again and again, and I keep refining it to a point where now I have ads running. I have ads running all the time and I get like a $0.01 per click. Which is insane. But I spent a lot of money to get to that point.”Guest BioNoah Merriby is an Author, Entrepreneur, and Investor. He is best known for his work in the Personal Development and Transformation field. He has taught more than 100,000 students from 170 different countries, speaking 55 different languages. He conducts training programs for employees and executives in some of the leading international organizations. From Mercedes-Benz and Adidas, all the way to SurveyMonkey, Pinterest, Eventbrite, Lyft, and more, Noah’s training programs have had a huge impact on both individuals and organizations.As a communication expert, Noah is an Internationally Recognized Award Winning Speaker. He got recognized for his expertise as a communicator, an orator, a public speaker, and a leader through Toastmasters. FOLLOW Noah MerribyLinkedin - Noah MerribyInstagram - @NoahMerribyWebsite - NoahMerriby.comFOLLOW JUSTIN (JustTries)Website - JustTriesHOMEInstagram - @JustTriesYouTube - Just TriesTwitter - @JustTries_Tiktok - @justtriesPinterest - JustTriesFacebook - Just TriesCONNECT WITH JUST KEEP LEARNINGWebsite - JKLHOMEInstagram - @JustKeepLearning.CaTiktok - @justkeeplearning.caFacebook - Just Keep LearningFree Group - JKL Goal Setting CommunityWe appreciate you being here! Be sure to leave the podcast, “LEARNED” ratings and reviews because it will help people who need it be better able to find it. Also, if you want a shoutout, simply share an image of the episode, you listening, or your takeaways and share it @JustTries anywhere on social!Reach out anytime! Text your questions to JustTries at +1 (313) 710-5499
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