62 minutes | Mar 6, 2021

How To Be Great At Social Media Marketing With Hayden Cashion On The LEARNED Podcast

This episode will help any creative entrepreneur thrive. We talked a lot about learning, starting your own business, owning your goals, marketing and how to succeed in the world of e-commerce, or hip hop. Hayden is an expert in all things social media, brand awareness, and digital marketing. He started his own digital agency, Cashion marketing before completing university. As a former athlete, sponsored skater, and hip hop artist, he has powerful tips to share on growth mindset.The first season of LEARNED is all about business. So, we tackle how to stop waiting and start taking action. We also discuss how the education system may not teach us what we need for business. But, there are many great people to help you get started. Reach out anytime! Text your questions to JustTries at +1 (313) 710-5499We appreciate you being here! Be sure to leave  “The LEARNED Podcast” reviews because it will help people find it. And if you want a shoutout, simply share an image of the episode, you listening, or your takeaways and share it @JustTries anywhere on social.Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Keep in mind that we link these companies and their products because of their quality.Episode NotesBest Modern Mobile Recording Site: SquadcastDid you know that paid social media advertising is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build your brand? It isn’t only about sales, it can be about connecting with a new audience and growing your community. Our guest in this episode, Hayden Cashion, has an incredible tagline for helping attract clients. Hey says simply, “D.M. me to grow your business.”In episode 5 of The Learned Podcast, Hayden shares how it can be a realistic dream to pursue your passion, no matter what it is. We discussed the challenges of creating an online business, or brand, but provided a lot of solutions. For example, less so tips and tricks, and more on improving your attitude. If you want to succeed in a passion and you are willing to map toward long term ambition, then you will succeed. Hayden explains how it can be challenging, yet so rewarding to pivot and pursue your passion. Then perhaps pivot again as you get closer and closer to your big dream. He shares the importance of having a long term mindset and how to efficiently leverage your social media as an investment. One of the great points Hayden made in this episode is that short term pain is well worth it for long term satisfaction if it prevents regret, which is like long term sadness.Since learning is such an important topic for this show, we asked Hayden how he feels education can do a better job of serving those who gave up on school at a young age and he had some really good ideas. We talked about having more general knowledge in school, so that everyone learns the valuable basics and has a chance to explore their passions with freedom. We got into discussing topics of lifelong learning, his previous passions and the value of hip hop on both his life and the culture of social media. He let us in on some stories about who inspires him and how his mind works when it comes to goal setting. We talked about vulnerability as one of the most important aspects of goal setting. Not only is Hayden a worldwide leader in digital marketing, he also creates a lot of tremendous personal brand content that serves his audience. He is a public speaker, hosts clubhouse rooms and is a great role model for anyone in this digital age.  How To Start As A Hip Hop ArtistStart by studying the market to find people who have done similar things to what you want to do already.Make a list of people who have been there before that become your role modelsNext, find a style and playbook that some artists used that you feel you could relate with and emulate. Did they try to pop viral songs, or build a high volume of albums consistent with their own values? How did they brand their art?Once you figure out the plan of attack, start putting in that work by building habits that map to that ambition.Have the expectation that you need to do a lot of work without any results early on and then you will be able to stick with it if you love it.How To Start A Youtube Show About Building A Vintage Clothing StoreFirst off find someone who has done it before and study what they did.Don't portray yourself as an expert. Show the real you, say an 18 year old girl who's just coming out of addiction and learning how to build a vintage clothing store.It takes the pressure off, knowing what you're talking about or knowing what you're doing.Document the journey. Don’t overthink the creating of content, you can just document the process of learning.Remember to shift your perspective. You can be an amateur with patience, and now you're interesting to watch. People want to watch you build things over the long term and see the process, which makes it more special.Memorable Quotes“I wasn't planning on starting a business as early as I did. The reason I did that early was because I had demand for it. So I knew I was going to make it. And, no time like the present. Right? feel like when you're young is the time to take as much risk as possible because, if my business failed, I would just go get another job. I didn't have a house. I didn't have a wife, I didn't have kids. I didn't have all these things relying on me. So I was able to just go full risk. And for me, I didn't really care if it failed and people laughed at me either. I'm OK with judgment. So, I just went for it.”“If you want to build a personal brand around one facet of who you are as a human being, it's important to create an alter ego, or a name for that. So that you can then go back and be who you are. A kind of a stupid example, but like Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana was just one aspect of who she was as a true person. Then when she switched to Miley Cyrus, she was kind of her whole package.”“Focus on quantity, because quality is subjective, quantity isn't. So if you put out ten pieces a week, you know that's ten pieces a week. Whereas if you put out ten quality pieces, then you're just making a subjective decision. Right? The amount of times I've run campaigns for people and what they thought would work and what I thought would work didn't work. It was actually the other stuff that we tested that worked.”“Short term pain is well worth it for long term satisfaction if it prevents regret, which I feel is like long term sadness.Guest BioHayden is a multi passionate person. At a young age he already has a wealth of experience in different industries from hip-hop, to digital marketing and many things in between. He has a lot of wisdom too, which serves him well with his own goals in life and business.Hayden talks a lot about how he finds happiness in helping others achieve their goals. He does this through personal branding, content creation and digital marketing. Hayden is the owner of Cashion Marketing, a brand built on his personal values and that operates as a digital agency in Ottawa, Canada. As a business, Cashion Marketing helps clients achieve their business goals. This can be done through helping with brand building, attracting leads and creating awareness organically. And he also leverages paid digital ads to deliver his clients the best possible business results, when it comes to growing the brand, or conversions. There is no denying that both his personal brand and his business success will keep skyrocketing because it is built on his ability to put people first. If you are looking for someone to follow when it comes to business, marketing, and mindset, then look no further than Hayden and his workFOLLOW HAYDEN CASHIONInstagram - @haydencashionFacebook - Cashion Marketing Twitter - @HaydenCashionLinkedIn - Hayden CashionFOLLOW JUSTIN (JustTries)Website - JustTriesHOMEClubhouse - Search: Justin ( JustTries)Instagram - @JustTriesYouTube - Just TriesTwitter - @JustTries_Tiktok -  @justtriesPinterest - JustTriesFacebook - Just TriesCONNECT WITH JUST KEEP LEARNINGWebsite - JKLHOMEInstagram - @JustKeepLearning.CaTiktok -  @justkeeplearning.caFacebook - Just Keep LearningSchool - Just Keep Learning SchoolFree Group - JKL Goal Setting CommunityWe appreciate you being here! Be sure to leave the podcast, “LEARNED” ratings and reviews because it will help people who need it be better able to find it. Also, if you want a shoutout, simply share an image of the episode, you listening, or your takeaways and share it @JustTries anywhere on social.
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