16 minutes | Jun 15, 2021

Reducing Your Cognitive Load [Episode 118]

When there's WAY too much going on in your life, it's hard to feel excited about anything. But we can help you fix that! Today we're sharing how you can reduce your cognitive load so you feel calm, happy, and ready to do the things that matter most! Full Show Notes can be found at https://LearnDoBecome.com/Episode118 And if you haven't yet attended our free training, "How to Finally Stop Drowning in Piles," you can learn 4 simple steps to get out of clutter--and create a life of peace and serenity. :)  Sign up here! https://LearnDoBecome.com/STEP Make sure to follow or subscribe to the podcasts so you won't miss an episode! You can learn all about our podcasts, videos, Facebook community, and programs at https://LearnDoBecome.com/Connect  
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