14 minutes | May 7, 2021

1-Degree Change & Moving Toward Greatness (From the ❤️ with April & Eric )

Did you know that the ARISE membership is now open for the very first time?! :) https://LearnDoBecome.com/ARISE  In today's informal "from the heart" podcast, we're sharing some ideas that we hope will give you a lift! First, we're sharing a quote from a member of our new ARISE community that totally inspired us: I'm setting the intention that this little step is like the ocean liner changing its course by 1 degree, eventually it will end up on a different continent. It's a whole life process.... It's pretty amazing to see how just one degree can help us to move in the right direction. Second, we're discussing an idea from one of Jim Collins' podcasts, where he talked about "good" being the mortal enemy of "great." We obviously can't be great at EVERYTHING, but when we prioritize where we truly want to create greatness, that feels empowering. We also talk about the word "satisfice," which we learned from Daniel Levitin in the book, The Organized Mind. Often the people who have the bandwidth to "live their best lives" are the ones who don't worry about every little decision. They learn to accept "good enough" in the areas that aren't their highest priority. Then we discuss some of the reasons we tend to hesitate when it comes to investing in ourselves. Are we afraid we're going to "fail"? Are we worried about what it would mean if we didn't move forward as quickly as we would like? Whether it's joining a membership like ARISE or investing in a book, a class, or another course, we want you to invest in yourself in ways that make sense so you can wake up excited and go to bed content! Here are a few links that might be helpful for you: (1) If you want to join ARISE--or get on the interest list, if you're listening to this during a non-open time, please visit this link: https://LearnDoBecome.com/ARISE (2) For a video we just posted on our YouTube channel about investing in yourself, click here: https://youtu.be/4VOzSXKf6fs (3) To find ALL the ways to connect with us, our social media channels, newsletter, and programs, visit our "Connect" page: https://LearnDoBecome/Connect
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