38 minutes | Feb 13, 2019

008: A Conversation with Karl Mecklenburg

Ever wonder what it takes to thrive in the NFL and what it could teach you about leadership? Karl Mecklenburg, Denver Bronco 4x all pro, AFC Player of the year shares with C-Suite Radio his journey and what it taught him about being a leader in all aspects of life; at work, in relationships, and at home. How in the world do you go from being a walk-on no scholarship college football player, to squeaking in the door as the 310th 12th round pick by the Denver Broncos. Then play in 6 Pro Bowls, be voted as A.F.C. player of the year, become one of the highest ranked linebackers in sports with 1145 tackles, 79 franchise record sacks? And play in three Super Bowls? This show is a great opportunity for C-Suite leaders to learn about dealing with wild egos, coaches who knew how to get the best out of you, where as a leader, how connecting with the team is paramount to success, and where honesty and forgiveness about limitations becomes a catalyst for change and critical to performing at world class levels. ---- For more Leadership Strategies for Tomorrow's Leaders visit: http://lightingthepath.net/blog/
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