32 minutes | Sep 20, 2018

003: A Conversation with Rob Andrews

Total Performance Leadership™ (TPL), is a research-based architecture that identifies the common characteristics shared by organizations driven by a common purpose. TPL organizations look and feel good – the deeper you look, the better the view Rob’s passion is long lasting and meaningful relationships. Helping CEOs and boards drive revenues, cut costs, maximize the effectiveness of human and capital resources, and build enterprise value are hallmarks of his practice. Rob’s clients have run the gamut from $6 million privately held enterprises to $75+ billion publicly held multinational corporations, The disciplines of TPL increases engagement, fuels productivity and reduces turnover.  Topics covered in this episode: The Disciplines of Total Performance Leadership Case Study of QuikTrip  It starts with a Cohesive Leadership Team The driving force of a defined sense of purpose The Key mistake Leaders make --- Based in Houston, Rob Andrews is Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Allen Austin, a leadership advisory and executive search firm. Rob leads Allen Austin’s global CEO, Consumer Packaged Goods & Durables Practice, and is also a member of the firm’s Leadership Advisory, Private Equity, Industrial and Marketing Officer practices. Building on his earlier career experience as an operating president with major convenience store and supermarket chains, Rob conducts searches for board members, CEO and senior officers across a broad range of sectors. His prior experience with national retail brands includes senior operating, marketing and administrative assignments with revenues of up to $2.4 billion and headcount of 10,600. Rob is also the architect of Total Performance Leadership. Purpose-driven companies make more money, have more engaged employees and more delighted customers, and are better at innovating than companies without a purpose. At the core of these organizations are authentic and passionate leaders capable of communicating, aligning and mobilizing the entire organization around a shared purpose. Website: http://allenaustin.com Phone: 713.489.9724  Email: randrews@allenaustin.com ---- For more Leadership Strategies for Tomorrow's Leaders visit: http://lightingthepath.net/blog/
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