47 minutes | Nov 24, 2020

Nancy Koehn - Courageous Leadership in a Time of Global Crisis (Ep. 7)

Celebrated historian Dr. Nancy Koehn did not expect to write a book about crisis leadership. But as she studied many experiences of history’s transformational leaders, she discovered that so often great leadership is developed out of one’s ability to both learn from failure and to rise to inspire others.During this discussion, Koehn shares some of the critical crisis leadership lessons from her book Forged in Crisis: The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times with host Gary Heil. Together they examine the similarities and circumstances that shape courageous leaders and how these lessons apply to leaders facing the tumultuous business landscape and ongoing global crises of today. Key takeaways: What courageous leadership looks like in action.How the best leaders are often forged through failure.Why leadership is more than choices: it's a reflection of who you are in crisis.The power of purpose in leadership: why meaning and value are critical. Why great leaders must balance passion with emotional self-discipline to inspire hope.Learn more about our speakers:Gary Heil: https://www.wsb.com/speakers/gary-heil/Nancy Koehn: https://www.wsb.com/speakers/nancy-koehn/About the series:Presented weekly, Leadership Lessons from the Fast Lane explores some of the most pressing challenges that leaders of today face, with the world’s most respected, creative, and successful thought leaders.Visit our website: https://www.wsb.com/Contact us: https://www.wsb.com/contact/
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