47 minutes | Dec 11, 2020

James Comey - The Essence of Leadership (Ep. 8)

As Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2013-2017, James Comey’s mettle has been tested time and time again throughout a career committed first and foremost to serving his country. During his time at the Department of Justice, Comey confronted new threats against Americans at home and abroad, prosecuting terrorists and leading the country’s confrontation of domestic terrorism.Part of prioritizing the interests of the country he swore to serve above all else meant confronting another challenge head on: a crisis of leadership within the FBI. In this episode, he discusses the very essence of leadership with host Gary Heil in candid, open, and honest conversation.Critical takeaways include:Why the evaluation of promotion of leaders must start with a focus on values.The integral combination of meaningful work and meaningful relationships.What humor and humility have to do with leading effectively.Why doubt must be a part of the decision making process from the very start until after a decision is made.Why diversity and inclusion tactics so often fail - and how there’s a better way to create change in this mission-critical area.Learn more about our speakers:Gary Heil: https://www.wsb.com/speakers/gary-heil/James Comey: https://www.wsb.com/speakers/james-comey/About the series:Presented weekly, Leadership Lessons from the Fast Lane explores some of the most pressing challenges that leaders of today face, with the world’s most respected, creative, and successful thought leaders.Visit our website: https://www.wsb.com/Contact us: https://www.wsb.com/contact/
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