55 minutes | Feb 1, 2021

Raise or Praise: The 2021 Forecast for Workers

Cathy and Relly will share research from Indeed with 319 U.S. employers and how COVID 19 will impact work and hiring. The pandemic is still raging on. Vaccines are being distributed slowly. New highly contagious strains of the virus are spreading worldwide and all impacting work. More employers plan to add remote work options, too, with increased empathy for workers’ daily challenges. All told, major changes are here to stay, and employers think the future looks brighter. In fact, over one-fourth (27%) plan to hire at higher volumes than before the pandemic, and 20% anticipate hiring at the same, pre-COVID rates. Only 10% predict continuing hiring freezes, and a mere 4% think they will lay off employees this year. Although some research says only 16% of firms across the US say they will be giving a financial raise to associates in 2021. Will you qualify for a financial raise or just receive praise? What should you focus on to get a raise and be your best at work?
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