53 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

Iron Sharpened Leadership: John Gronski

“It is people, not things, who nurture our souls.” Character is the root of leadership. A leader of character must establish a culture of trust. A leader grows trust by trusting others first, providing a vision, displaying integrity, leading by example, and sincerely caring about others. A leader must have more than values and principles. Join us for a fresh look at Character, Competence, and Resilience with author General John Gronski (recently retired) for insights into his forthcoming book, Iron Sharpened Leadership, Fidelis Publishing/Oley North. John Gronski is a proven combat leader with over forty years' service in the United States Army including active duty and is a nonresident fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis. John is a leadership and peak performance expert, motivational storyteller, and a much sought-after speaker and leadership seminar leader. Go to john@Johngronski.com.
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