55 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

Encore Renew, Reorient, and Rewire Your Focus

The first full week of the New Year has sent all of us spinning with the unthinkable DC riots and the breaking in of the Capital with our leaders hiding for their life in lockdown. Government officials have called it an “unprecedented terrorist attack.” Five people have died and many people are in disbelief that this is happening in the United States. What are some of the key virtues leaders can renew to center themselves and their direct reports and their organizations? We always say the leader is the “emotional thermostat” for others. How do you reset yourself so the temperature, culture, and environment can regulate to deal with external chaos, a pandemic on fire, and the uncertainties of your people? As a leader what do we know about the behaviors and values that leaders can use to navigate the most trying time for most of us in our careers. Emotions are teeming for all of us and your people are relying on you for some sanity and hope.
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