55 minutes | Dec 28, 2020

Encore Holiday Actions from Hijacks to More Happiness

How do we handle a COVID Holiday? This holiday time is full of high expectations and we are often let down. Why do we become our worst selves during the holidays? There are four reasons why this happens and four actions to go from holiday hurts to happiness, which we will highlight. Today 42.6% of us in the US are feeling either anxiety or depression because of COVID consequences. Now with the holidays here our emotions are even more intense. Add in loneliness, sadness, boredom, isolation, irritability, and more alcohol and drug use into the emotional cocktail from 9 months living with COVID. It’s a recipe for feeling empty, unfulfilled, and more depressed and hijacked where we become our worst version of ourselves? As we are limping forward to a hopeful happy time; is easy to project our disappointment on others. So, what are Four Holidays actions from Hijacks to Happiness to best manage this time? Join Cathy and Relly to explore tools to be more brilliant.
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