55 minutes | Dec 16, 2019

Encore Emotional Brilliance: From Emotional Instability to Stability

We all have emotions all day long. How many of us know how and what to do with them? Emotions influence our decisions, communications, and relationships. In this show Drs. Greenberg and Nadler will continue their third show exploring the concept of Emotional Brilliance, why it is important, what is it, and hands-on strategies to be fluent and brilliant in our emotions. They have interviewed hundreds of leaders, authors, and stars across many fields in their top-rated Leadership Development News podcast for the last 13 years and have millions of downloads of their shows across 27 countries and 125 cities. In this show they will delve deeper into Emotional Brilliance with some of the actions from their forthcoming book: Emotional Brilliance: Living a Fearless Life and strategies and tools for the corporate executives and government leaders they have been consulting and coaching for decades.
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