52 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Cultivate a Culture of Leadership (No Matter Your Title)

EB Sanders is a sought-after coach and staffing consultant serving creative individuals, companies, and organizations. She believes that great leaders have extraordinary careers and her mission is to convince everyone that they don’t have to choose between happiness and success. EB spent 12 years as a college professor teaching courses like ‘The History of Creativity.’ But education budgets being what they are, she found her course load shrinking year after year. She fully pivoted into creative recruiting and staffing for almost 10 years. What she especially loved was directly helping people with their career development so much that she knew she had to go all-in as a Career Coach. What she’s learned in her career changes and that passes onto others is: 1) finding your Thing is just like being in love, you know it in your toes. 2) creativity & inspiration are central to creating a fulfilling career and 3) you gotta have a plan. As a coach that is what she teaches and explores on the show.
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