39 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Conversation with Meha Agrawal | Ep #113

In today’s interview, Kris talks with Meha Agrawal, South Asian American CEO and founder of Silk + Sonder. Silk + Sonder is a community-driven program which is rooted in principles of positive psychology whose mission is to solve the emotional health epidemic for their customers. At its core, Silk + Sonder is a space for mindfulness, journaling, planning, tracking, and creative expression — all in one. What you'll learn from this episode: What the word “sonder” means. Meha’s compelling reason for creating Silk + Sonder. Why Meha felt her bootstrap business required some injected capital. What it was like building her team. Meha’s biggest mistake as she was growing her team. How to vet people you want to bring on to your team. Meha’s favorite books – see links below. The thought leaders Meha follows. What is a “dream manager” and how could it fit in at Silk + Sonder? Valuable advice from Meha to other women. I'd really appreciate it if you would click the like button above and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you! If you are a female entrepreneur leading her own business, trying to figure out how to deal with all things "team," go to howtoceoregister.com for more information. © 2021 Kris Plachy
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