11 minutes | May 5, 2021

What Does Success Really Look Like? | Leadership Espresso Shot #25

In the previous edition of my podcast series “Leadership Espresso Shot”, I mentioned how to better appreciate the journey towards achieving success, we must learn to value failure as that necessary teacher that helps us reach our goals. Of course, if we’re going to delve deeper into understanding failure, I thought it would be a good idea in this installment to explore what success really looks like. On the surface, we all have a general idea of what it means to succeed. And yet, if you were to google “what is success”, what you’d end up with is almost 3 billion search results. What this reveals is that while we might all have an idea of what success looks like, that idea can vary greatly from person to person, from team to team, and from one one organization to another. As such, in this edition of my “Leadership Espresso Shot” series, I share 3 questions you should ask yourself and your team to help clarify and articulate what success would look like for your team. And if you’ve attended one of my leadership keynotes or workshops, you know these kinds of questions I share are not necessarily easy to answer right away, but require some thought and reflection. So I hope you’ll take a few minutes out of your day to give this episode a listen so you can ensure the path you’re currently on will lead you to that kind of success we all aspire to attain.
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