10 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

How To Know If It’s Time To Move On | Leadership Espresso Shot 26

As a leader, one of the things expected of you is to be able to make that critical decision of whether to continue to pursue an initiative, or whether to cut your losses and move on to something else. While this skill is key to your ability to succeed at leadership, many leaders nonetheless struggle with making this evaluation about themselves in their current role. Of whether they should continue in their current role, or whether it’s time to pursue other opportunities that would allow them to achieve and be that leader they want to be. It’s a challenge that I explore in this latest edition of “Leadership Espresso Shot” on my leadership podcast. More specifically, I share 4 questions that any leader at any stage of their career can use to evaluate whether they’re still able to accomplish what they set out to achieve when taking on this leadership role, what’s holding them back from meeting their goals, and whether these factors are a good indication that it might be best to move on to a new role and allow someone else the chance to see if they can move things forward. Even if you’re not contemplating whether you’ve done all you can do in your current role, these four questions can still help give you some perspective on how things are going and what things you should look out for going ahead to ensure you are in fact able to be the kind of leader your employees need to succeed. So I hope you’ll check this episode out, and maybe even bookmark it for a future listen when that time inevitably comes when you’ll be look outwards from your role for new opportunities to continue to learn and grow.
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