52 minutes | Sep 9th 2020

Niklas Hedin CEO of Centiro

Niklas Hedin is an innovator and strategist whose long experience catalyzes the conversation and inspires to get to the next level in business. Based on insights of gaps in the market for Delivery Management which needed new solutions, Niklas founded Centiro in 1998. He brings 25+ years of experience on how to develop businesses using insights and hands-on-experience on supply chain and IT. Niklas' work on scaling an agile organization has rendered recognition in many ways, inspiring others to drive change in times of challenge. He has led Centiro to the forefront of the industry, which has rendered numerous awards and a market-leading position.Centiro is a global market-leading innovator in cloud-based delivery network management solutions with 350+ employees and 30+% YoY growth. Centiro technology empower marquee brands and finer supply chains in 125+ countries. Centiro exists to enable and empower commerce for companies with winning aspirations who seek to make a difference. Centiro has received numerous awards and honors, including Great Place to Work® Legend. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[08:10] The most important trends in Supply Chain[14:55] What makes Centiro different[19:50] Collaborating with Zalando on their Connected Retail Program of 1800 stores [25:21] Where is my order? Reducing the customer service workload by 80%[29:21] eCommerce and Returns – Up to 86% of buyers check the returns policy[35:09] Radical Innovation – harnessing the collective power of the team[40:51] Centiro’s culture – heart, mind, and backbone – in that orderFollow us on:Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Wba8v7Twitter: http://bit.ly/2WeulzXLinkedin: http://bit.ly/2w9YSQXFacebook: http://bit.ly/2HtryLd
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