39 minutes | Sep 13th 2020

#90: Konrad Bauer VP Supply Chain and Operations at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Konrad Bauer is the VP Supply Chain and Operations at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the global leader in providing, equipment, software, services, and consumables to help scientists solve problems across a multitude of fields: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental, and industrial research, as well as the clinical laboratory. With a revenue of more than 25n billion USD.

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Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • How Konrad moved from the industry into consulting at McKinsey and then back into the industry – and what challenges he faced
  • The impact of the COVID-19 to Thermo Fisher’s operations
  • How to instill a mindset of focus on serving the customer 
  • Planning where and how to build consistency inside the organization
  • Supply chain outsourcing – will it be happening more?
  • Career advice: Never leave a job because you want to get out. Always leave a job because you are excited to go to a new challenge

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