41 minutes | Sep 3rd 2020

#89: Thierry Malleret Managing Partner of Monthly Barometer

Thierry Malleret who is the managing partner of the Monthly Barometer, which is one of the leading global monthly newsletters that distills into a highly analytical and predictive one-pager the macro issues relevant to executives and decision-makers across the world.

Previously, Thierry founded and headed the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum.

His other professional experience includes: key positions within investment banking in several global institutions, think tanks, and academia (both in New York and Oxford) and government (with a three-year spell in the Prime Minister’s office in Paris).

His latest book, co-authored with  Klaus Schwab, is titled “Covid-19: the great reset”

Discover more details here.

Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Interdependency of the five macro issues affecting the world
  • The great reset on geopolitics and technology
  • Regionalization vs globalization of supply chains
  • How will the changes in individual habits affect industries around the world
  • Mental health during this time of uncertainty

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