51 minutes | Mar 17th 2020

#74: Ken Allen Board Member of Deutsche Post and CEO of DHL eCommerce

Ken has been with the DP DHL group for 35 years, in various roles and capacities.

HE is well known in the industry for the turn around he achieved as global CEO of DHL Express - under his leadership between 2009 to 2018, the company reversed over a decade of poor financial performance and declining market share to become one of the most profitable transportation units in the world.

Discover more details here.

Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Dhl Express turn around from losing 2.2 billion euro in 2008 and making 2 billion euro in 2018. 
  • What does being insanely customer-centric mean for DHL Express
  • How to become one of the worlds best places to work
  • Key leadership principles from Ken book "Radical simplicity"
  • Using music as a leadership style
  • “Business is a sport, not a war.”

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