50 minutes | Nov 3, 2020

Ep. 56 Anna Elgh on self-managing teams and shifting conflicts at Svenska Retursystem

Anna Elgh is the CEO of Svenska Retursystem, a Swedish circular economy logistics company. We talk about the transformations she has led at the company since joining in 2014, from Lean to nearly three years of moving towards self-managing teams. She shares what she has learned about transforming conflicts, distributed decision making, disbanding the management team, as well as leadership and the power of letting go. Resources: Svenska Retursystem’s website The book Lisa has co-authored with Karin Tenelius, Moose Heads on the Table Related Leadermorphosis episodes: Ep. 55 with Frederic Laloux, author of Reinventing Organisations Ep. 37 with Miki Kashtan about the inner shifts that need to happen for self-management to work Ep 45. with Amy Edmondson about psychological safety and climate (vs culture) The Enneagram Institute Tuff Leadership Training
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