85 minutes | May 6, 2020

Ep. 49 Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

Peter Koenig has spent the last decade researching principles for how founders organise and materialise their enterprises, projects and initiatives – what he calls sourcework. We talk about the role of source and source principles and the idea of seeing organisations as energetic fields. We talk about why his work has sparked debate in “new ways of working” circles, as well as how we can use the lens of source to diagnose decentralised organisations when we seem to get stuck. Peter also shares some insights from 30 years of running money seminars, and why money is such a great place to hide our deepest shadows. Resources: Upcoming money workshop (based on Peter's work) by Tim Malnick The Role of Source introduction workshop by Tom Nixon A website about source principles curated by Tom Nixon Peter’s website Tom Nixon’s blog about Reinventing Organisations and source (with a comment from Frederic Laloux at the end) Frederic Laloux’s video on new roles for top leaders, including the role of source Peter’s book 30 Lies About Money
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