54 minutes | Apr 17, 2020

Ep. 47 Skeena Rathor on Extinction Rebellion, paradoxes and transformation

Skeena Rathor, who co-leads the Vision Sensing circle in Extinction Rebellion, shares insights from inside this decentralised movement – how their Holacratic, Sociocratic structures support its collective purpose, the work they’re doing with Miki Kashtan to transform power dynamics, and why Skeena’s dream is for XR to become a touchstone for the work of co-liberation. We also talk about how XR is responding to COVID-19 and their AloneTogether campaign. How to follow Extinction Rebellion: Twitter: @ExtinctionR Resources: Extinction Rebellion’s website and its AloneTogether handbook The Leadermorphosis podcast episode with Miki Kashtan Aimee Groth’s article about XR that mentions ‘shadow work’ Palmer Parker’s thoughts on paradox Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine Frederic Laloux’s video on two types of pain along the journey
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