61 minutes | Jun 18, 2018

#14 - Alexander James - Season 1 Finale

IT'S THE SEASON 1 FINALE OF LEADER LIFE! My guest, Alexander James, is a spoken word poet, youth pastor, husband, & Father. His perspective & wisdom on the Church & what it should look like to be a follower of Jesus is refreshing & inspiring. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did! You can book Alexander by emailing alexanderjamesbooking@gmail.com Connect with Alexander online at the following places: Instagram: @bhonest_ @HonestAgents Facebook Website Check out Alexander's poem A Blood Donor Saved My Life on YouTube You can connect with me the following ways: LeaderLifePodcast@gmail.com Facebook Instagram & Twitter: @Tim_J_Lee Subscribe for more from this show keep your eyes open for season 2 coming this fall.
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