3 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

216. A Short Story About Imposter Syndrome

Another short story:

"It was summer in England. You know those rare days that are pure and utter magic. I’d driven down from London to the country and was in a great mood.

We met in the ‘cottage’ - a cute thatched roof building that housed the company meeting room... a few squishy sofas around a coffee table. My new friends and owners of an international luxury company spilled their branding challenges and frustrations.

‘’But at the heart of it, I know I’m struggling with imposter syndrome. I ran a huge team when I worked in corporate, but here in my own business I feel incapable’. 

Wow! I was floored. 

This magnificent woman sitting in front of me shared her deepest challenge.  She’d been a key player in well known global brands, and yet a few years into her own brand she heard that voice of ‘who do you think you are’. 

Listen to hear the rest of this story... 

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