59 minutes | Dec 9th 2020

“Refining Your EFF Management System” with Nikki Elledge Brown - 181

Do you ever get to a place where things start to feel stressful and not enjoyable anymore? If you want to create a simple and inspired life on your terms without the guilt, this episode is for you. You’ll learn how to manage your expectations, identify your priorities, nurture relationships, and stay focused on what matters to you. In this episode, I get cozy with one of my closest friends, Nikki Elledge Brown. Nikki is a mom of three known online for her practical teaching style and refreshingly honest reflections on the realities of parenthood and entrepreneurship. She's a speaker, teacher, author, and mentor who quickly built a name (+ highly profitable business) for herself by helping service-based business owners communicate with clarity and confidence through her first online program, A Course About Copy®. Nikki's been featured on NBC News, military.com, and a reality TV episode on Discovery Channel that led to a surprise cameo on Orange is the New Black. She's also known as the online park ranger at Pearl Harbor, welcoming millions of visitors to the USS Arizona Memorial since 2010. Nikki launched the Naptime Empires® podcast (soon to be book!) to help family-focused entrepreneurs feel less alone in the journey. Her mission is to help high-achieving women avoid burnout so they can lead for the long haul and ENJOY the success. For more tips and inspiration follow Nikki on Instagram @nikkielledgebrown, nikkielledgebrown.com and via her podcast at naptimeempires.com.  What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!): :: The story of how Nikki got her business off the ground in 2013, and some of the lessons she learned in doing so  :: What “profitable priorities” are to Nikki, and why this concept is so critical to understand for entrepreneurs  :: What your audience really wants from you that will set you apart from others :: What Nikki’s family situation looks like right now, and an exciting update about her upcoming book :: Two things that would mean much more to her than any financial goal for next year :: How to start refining your “eff management system” and what Nikki thinks about timelines You can find the full show notes from this episode over at http://jadahsellner.com/refining-your-eff-management-sytem-nikkielledgebrown-181 
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