50 minutes | Nov 4, 2020

“I’m Not Hiding, I’m Healing” - 176

I’m back. I’ve been quiet for awhile.  I turned quiet mode all the way on as a form of radical self care. They say grief comes in waves. And if you know me, you know I’ve experienced 3 tragic losses last year.  So what happens... when the whole world is grieving? ...when the waves don’t stop crashing?   With so much noise and rage and separation, I had to step out of the room to hear my own voice. To connect to my own truth. And reckon with my own anger and sadness.  In this episode with my amazing right hand Michele, I’ll share what’s been happening in my world over the past year and what bright new and inspiring things are on the horizon. What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!): :: What’s happened in my world over the past year and the profound losses my family and I have experienced :: My personal healing journey and the critical support I’ve received that has allowed me to do it :: The biggest lesson (and gift) that this time has given me  :: What I’ve been creating inside my “creative cocoon” plus a sneak peek of what’s to come  :: How Michele and I are both processing Black Lives Matter and the recent events around racial equality :: What “leading with love” really means for me, and a special invitation I have for each listener of this podcast  You can find the full show notes from this episode over at: https://jadahsellner.com/im-not-hiding-im-healing-176
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