53 minutes | Oct 30th 2019

“How to Stand in the Fire” - 172

How do you stand in the fire before your vision becomes a reality? If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable sitting in the unknown, but know there’s a next chapter that’s ready to unfold, this episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you. In this solo episode, I’ll share some practical strategies on how to move through a transition filled with uncertainty.  What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!): :: Some of the big pivots that I’ve made along my journey in entrepreneurship  ::  The growing pains I’ve faced through business and why I’ve felt the need to shift through the discomfort  ::  What I consider to be the “curse” of being a visionary founder  ::  The 3 stages I move my clients through, and why I don’t want you to get stuck too long at any one of those stages  ::  What’s worked for me while I’ve been “standing in the fire”  :: The need for consistency in my life and the rituals and routines that bring it to me each day  I’ll also share my morning routine and how to use consistency as the antidote to chaos. You can find the full show notes from this episode over at https://jadahsellner.com/how-to-stand-in-the-fire-jadah-sellner-172 
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