47 minutes | Nov 25th 2020

#BTS: Behind the Scenes of My Next Book Part 2” with Azul Terronez - 179

If you’ve wanted to take a peek behind the curtain of writing and publishing a book, then this episode is for you.  In this episode, I get cozy with my friend and personal book coach, Azul Terronez, host of the top writing podcast Authors Who Lead™. We’re having another behind the scenes conversation of my book writing process. If you’d like to listen to part one of this conversation that happened over a year ago, head over to jadahsellner.com/156 to get caught up. Azul helps authors, entrepreneurs and leaders write and publish books that people love, so they can reach more people, grow their brand, and share their message in an authentic way. He’s been called a book whisperer. His signature coaching program is built around the idea that creating books is about building the conversation that you want to own. Azul walks his talk because his TEDx talk “What Makes a Good Teacher Great” has been viewed over 2.1 million times. Azul’s clients have included Wall Street Bestseller, Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Podcast, Jadah Sellner co-founder Simple Green Smoothies (that’s me!) and Dana Malstaff the founder of Boss-mom.  What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!): :: A surprise that can happen when you look at writing a book as a creative process, and not just a task to achieve  ::  Why the content isn’t the book - and what really is  ::  How becoming an author is different, and so much more, than just writing a book  ::  The role that my season of loss and grief has played in the writing of my next book  ::  An update on where I am right now writing the upcoming book, and the big decision and shift I made to allow it to be happen  ::  What Azul says is needed in all books, but is often misunderstood by many authors You can find the full show notes from this episode over at https://jadahsellner.com/behind-the-scenes-part-2-azulterronez-179
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