54 minutes | Jul 19, 2015

LB and The Sorg Morning Afternoon Power Hour 11

This week Sorg goes to an old favorite place from his childhood thanks to a pro wrestling gig, Panel Riot reaches a year and Will reassesses, we discuss the Fancy Pants Tax, growing up with a 2nd Sketch Bet, and a plead to watch the fireworks in front of you. What is your fancy pants tax? How long do you have to work to pay for a good pair of pants you need for your job? What is making you happy? Email us at powerhour@sorgatronmedia.com ! You can subscribe on iTunes,Stitcher and Spreaker! The Power Hour is a casual conversation with long time Podcast friends Will Rutherford (Panel Riot,Wrestling Mayhem Show) and Michael Sorg (Sorgatron Media) as they discuss whatâ??s good in the world.
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