30 minutes | Dec 15th 2019

Harrison Barnes Legal Recruiter from BCG Attorney Search: What a Slowdown Can Do to Your Legal Career and How to Bulletproof your Résumé

Your law firm just kicked you to the curb. Should you have seen it coming? This isn’t about your quality as an attorney, that’s another discussion; this is about those circumstances beyond your control—not just at your firm, but in the legal industry and the economy at large. Host Daniel “Danny” Rindeau speaks with the BCG Attorney Search team of Recruiting Manager Brie Mills and Recruiter Nadeen Weybrecht about the importance of looking up while your keeping your head-down in the work. Looking beyond your billables; the economy may be strong today but what about tomorrow? Are the businesses of your corporate clients struggling? Is the work across the firm slowing or only the work that’s coming to you? Do you have a specialty that makes you valuable to the firm? Is the industry or the economy heading toward a downturn? What practice areas do better in a recession? Where will you find the best information to gauge the health of your profession? Are you seeing signs that you need to make a lateral move, quickly? Do you have a Plan B or C? If you don’t, get one now. Our team tells you how.