20 minutes | Mar 17th 2021

Harrison Barnes Legal Recruiter from BCG Attorney Search: Two Things the Most Successful 5% of Attorneys Do That the Rest Do Not: Ignore this Career Advice at Your Own Peril

Two different attorneys approached me recently looking for jobs. Both were self-confident men who had every reason to be successful but will not be. Both attended top law schools and did extremely well there. Both got jobs in major law firms out of law school but had recently lost their jobs. One was fired and the other quit. Both attorneys made the same fundamental career mistake but in different ways. The attorney who was fired approached his career tactically but not strategically, while the attorney who quit approached his career strategically but not tactically. You must be both strategic and tactical to be truly successful in your legal career.Learn how to balance tactics and strategy when navigating your legal career in this podcast with Harrison Barnes, Legal Recruiter. LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/bcg-attorney-search Website: https://www.bcgsearch.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCGAttorneyJobs
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