31 minutes | Oct 2nd 2019

Harrison Barnes Legal Recruiter from BCG Attorney Search: Quitting Without a Backup Plan—How to Keep Your Law Career from Committing Suicide

Quitting your associate’s job? First piece of advice—Don’t! Remember this: After the bar, there are no other skills test but one: your career history and what the people you worked with think of you. It’s the test of character and skill a future employer will have. Done wrong, your patterns and gaps can make you look sketchy; learn how to better tell your story. But if you must quit, the BCG Attorney Search team of CEO Harrison Barnes, Recruiting Manager Brie Mills, and Legal Recruiter Jennifer McNeil have advice to offer: Take whatever good you can with you. Can you snag a great partner reference? Can you keep your firm profile active for a while? Make whatever you’ve done look as pretty as you can. In this podcast our team will help: advice on how to stay (even if you don’t want to), how to leave and what take with you, good and bad reasons for leaving—and best of all—how to find your best prospects going forward.