59 minutes | Oct 7, 2019

Harrison Barnes Legal Recruiter from BCG Attorney Search: Is It a Book of Business by Year 5 or Die? How to Get One and How to Get Around It If You Don't

Ever heard the stories of horrid attorneys with worse habits and yet somehow still have great jobs? How do they do it? It’s called a Big Book of Business. As an attorney at a law firm, you’ll be expected to start building yours ASAP. Otherwise, you’re costing the firm money—you’ll be seen as an unprofitable liability. A Book of Business is your best chance for job security. But what if you can’t? What if you don’t have connections, a network, the background, or the necessary schmoozy character? Or this: What if you do have all of the above and it’s still not happening fast enough? Join the BCG Attorney Search team of CEO Harrison Barnes, Recruiting Manager Brie Mills, and Legal Recruiter Karen Wenzel as they offer a variety of options and actionable advice. Digging into Harrison’s list of seven general strategies, the team also offers a range of other career suggestions for associates of five to seven or more years of experience. They’ll help you get your law career on track or to get you to a place where you may not need the track at all.
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