87 minutes | Sep 1, 2021

S1 E15 | LaMonica Orr-Love

LaMonica has always been a high achiever, from making valedictorian of her primary school to her work as corporate attorney and consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Her success has been hard-earned.LaMonica and her many siblings were raised by her grandmother in one of the poorest areas of Houston, Texas. Her mother began a long struggle with drug addiction early in LaMonica's childhood, and her father was often absent. Despite those circumstances, even as a child LaMonica describes an inner drive to be the best, to check all the boxes. She often directs that energy outward to her community, devoting hundreds of hours of pro bono work drafting wills and estate documents for senior citizens and low-income individuals.In this episode, we’re going to hear about LaMonica’s love for Peloton, the controversy surrounding critical race theory, and why the prospect of a new adventure gets her out of bed every morning.Law Firm SEO by Jason HennesseyGet it on AmazonDownload on Audible
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