74 minutes | Aug 18, 2021

S1 E13 | Ben Glass

Ben Glass is a practicing attorney and leader in how to market law practices. He aspires to make a meaningful impact in the lives of his clients every day.Ben was born and raised in Annandale, Virginia. He was the oldest of seven children and as a child, he soaked up the family values his parents modeled. It was also in his childhood that he discovered his love of soccer, which has affected how he views his career.Ben is a proud father of nine, five of them biological and four of them adopted. Family is the hallmark of Ben’s life. In fact, his desire to have a life centered around his family is what led him to discover his own methods for growing a practice that serves him, not the other way around.In this episode, we’re going to hear Ben’s passion around each person discovering and leaning into their superpower, whether or not everyone should consider adoption for their family, and why being a lawyer is the best job in the world.Law Firm SEO by Jason HennesseyGet it on AmazonDownload on Audible
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