67 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

S1 E09 | Byron Browne

Byron Browne is a fully tattooed family man with an intense personality and appreciation of a good pedicure. Byron grew up in Canada, working at his family restaurant and playing the role of a hockey enforcer for years. After “betting it all on Browne” and spending his life savings on a TV commercial, Byron’s career shot off like a rocket. Known as the anti-lawyer lawyer, Byron’s large physique and tattoos visibly set him apart. His rebellion is not just against the formality of the courtroom, but also the perceived arrogance of lawyers. Despite, or perhaps because of, his unusual style, Byron has never lost a jury trial.In this episode, Byron shares the story behind his most meaningful tattoo, lessons learned from six years of sobriety, and how to properly eat chicken wings. Law Firm SEO by Jason HennesseyGet it on AmazonDownload on Audible
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