54 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

S1 E07 | LaRuby May

LaRuby May was raised in the Florida panhandle by parents who had personal experiences with the legacy of American slavery and racism. Their stories, along with her upbringing in nearly all-white academic settings, shaped her perspective on race and privilege.Above all else, LaRuby May's life has been one of service to the underserved.  From her nonprofit work with at-risk teens and young adults, to becoming a council woman in Ward 8 of Washington, DC, LaRuby was representing her community before she ever represented a single client in the courtroom.LaRuby carries on the steadfast Christian faith of her parents, unashamed to share those values with others in the service she believes God has called her to.In this episode, Luke and LaRuby discuss ways of thinking about poverty, why she dropped out of pre-med, and how getting kicked out of a basketball game led to starting her own firm.Law Firm SEO by Jason HennesseyGet it on AmazonDownload on Audible
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