68 minutes | Jun 16, 2021

S1 E04 | Sara Williams

Sara Williams is a woman who embodies authenticity, boldness, and power.  She grew up as a self-proclaimed Army brat, moving around the world with her family.Her original plan was to be an accountant, but, as you’ve already guessed, she eventually went to law school.After graduating, she tried her first case just two weeks after passing the bar. She quickly discovered her love of being a trial lawyer.In this episode, Sara takes us on her life journey of what it means to lean in to who she is and be unashamedly herself. From stories of people trying to rein in her personality to mentoring others who have been told all their life that they’re “mean,” Sara shares with us her passion for living proudly and boldly and how this fuels her success as a trial attorney.Law Firm SEO by Jason HennesseyGet it on AmazonDownload on Audible
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