56 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

S1 E02 | Anne Andrews

Anne Andrews is a luminary in the world of mass torts. She has gone up against Vioxx, Perdue, and other major pharmaceutical companies. She is currently representing 10,000 clients in a bitter legal fight with the Boy Scouts of America over accusations of sexual assault by troop leaders.

Anne remains one of the few women to found her own prominent law firm. She has never stopped fighting to make the legal profession equitable for women — especially mothers. Over the years, her indomitable spirit and outspoken manner often put her at odds with establishment norms.

In this episode, Luke and Anne draw connections between her personal story and professional successes, from the gunshot that set her career in motion to making room for mothers in a heavily male-dominated profession. If we listen closely, Anne's compassion for her clients and passion for the art of law will remind us just how much good lawyers can do in this world. 

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