63 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

S1 E01 | Mike Papantonio

Many people know Mike Papantonio for his leadership and creative litigation strategies in mass torts. But…that’s only a tiny sliver of makes Mike Mike. 

He’s a proud father, jazz musician, pilot, oil painter, scuba diver, snowboarder, racquetball player, and powerful advocate for people who have been wronged by corporations. He’s also just your regular guy who orders Whataburger for lunch and makes himself a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. 

In this episode, Luke and Pap explore complex life questions like, “how do you ensure you don’t get too comfortable,” “what do you want to be remembered for,” and “what would you say to someone who looks at you and feels small in comparison”? As we listen in, we can hear Mike’s passion for living a life well-lived.

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