18 minutes | Dec 20, 2019

Three Men and a Baby Shower

Office housework might make an office run more efficiently, but it can hold back an employee’s career and lead to expensive lawsuits for employers.Dori Goldstein, employment law Legal Analyst, and Cindy-Ann Thomas, principal at Littler Mendelson, explain the problems with tasks like planning the office holiday party or scheduling a meeting, and why so many of those tasks fall to women. They discuss the changing legal risks surrounding office housework, and explain how to prevent it from sparking lawsuits and eroding retention. Co-hosts Dori Goldstein and Meg McEvoy also share the results of an office experiment. In an effort to delegate office housework more fairly, three men were tasked with planning an office baby shower. Hear from the guests, the guest of honor, and one of the party planners. Listen and subscribe to Law X.0 from your mobile device:  Via Apple Podcasts | Via Stitcher | Via Overcast | Via Spotify Hosts: Dori Goldstein and Meg McEvoy Guests: Cindy-Ann Thomas, Principal, EEO and Diversity Practice Group, Littler MendelsonProducer: RJ Jewell
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