21 minutes | Dec 3, 2019

Erich Spangenberg on Optimizing the $200B Patent Market

Erich Spangenberg, CEO and co-founder of IPwe, is trying to give a technology-driven makeover to the $200 billion patent licensing and acquisition market. Spangenberg talks with Dori Goldstein and Meg McEvoy about leaving behind his patent troll past to create IPwe, a platform that connects transacting parties and provides AI-driven analytics on patent transactions. IPwe is aiming to bring in data from the world’s approximately 200 patent offices and create transparency around the pricing of patent licensing and sale transactions.Spangenberg discusses the opportunities for small and medium-size enterprises to tap into their patents’ value. Spangenberg also has some reassuring words for patent lawyers, who he thinks will remain an integral part of the system going forward.
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