26 minutes | Jun 15th 2017

Law of Self Defense Podcast 6-14-17

Andrew was a guest on the June 14, 2017 episode (#4) of the "Lull in the Fight" Podcast, hosted by Jason Rhodes and Eric Dean. If you would prefer to watch this in video form, you can find it on Youtube here:   https://youtu.be/H5o_LY0YaMs In a relatively brief 25 minutes we cover a lot of ground, including: The dangers of learning use-of-force law from anecdotes. George Zimmerman trial. Michael Dunn trial: importance of calling 911. Theodore Wafer trial: getting specialized knowledge into evidence. Learning use-of-force law is not rocket science, but does require effort.   You can find the "Lull in the Fight" podcast here: http://lullinthefight.podbean.com/ Of course, you can find everything "Law of Self Defense" here: www.lawofselfdefense.com
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