57 minutes | Oct 4th 2014

Law of Self Defense Podcast #009: "Judicious Use of the 5th Amendment"

This podcase is based on Law of Self Defense Institute Video Lecture: #007: "The Judicious Use of 5th Amendment.  This podcast and the Law of Self Defense Video Lecture #007, "Judicious Use of the 5th Amendment" explore the relevance of the popular Youtube video "Don't talk to police" to police interactions that result from a defensive use of force.   In the course of this podcast we also contrast the "Say Nothing" and "Say Little" approaches to interacting with the police after acting in self-defense, including specifically what TO say and what NOT to say, and WHEN. Produced by Attorney Andrew F. Branca, Law of Self Defense,  http://www.lawofselfdefense.com, 2014 @ Law of Self Defense, specializing in self-defense law since 1997. Author of the seminal book, "The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition." Autographed copies available at http://www.lawofselfdefense.com, or may be ordered from from Amazon.com in either print or Kindle version.  At Amazon the book is ranked #1 in the shooting category, and has ~90% 5-star reviews. My blog postings on self-defense law can be found at www.lawofselfdefense.com and on self-defense trials at http://www.legalinsurrection.com.   Subscribe for occasional emails discussing interesting or new worthy self-defense law. Also available: Law of Self Defense Seminars, conducted nationwide. Find one in your area or vote for one to be held in your area at www.lawofselfdefense.com. Follow the Law of Self Defense on Twitter at @LawSelfDefense. Like the
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