20 minutes | Feb 19, 2020

Episode 75: Integrating Technology to Systematize Business Development Efforts with David Ackert, President of Ackert Inc.

What you’ll learn in this episode: How Ackert Inc.’s various platforms help lawyers, law firms and legal marketing departments systematize and track marketing and business development efforts. How to overcome resistance from lawyers and staff when integrating technology. Examples of how Ackert Inc.’s technology and consulting has moved firms forward. Trends in marketing and business development technology.  About David Ackert: David Ackert, M.A., is the President of Ackert Inc. and business development mentor to thousands of high-achieving professionals in the legal, corporate, finance and accounting sectors. Over the past two decades, David has developed and implemented revenue acceleration programs for hundreds of firms around the globe. Widely recognized as a pioneer in business development innovation, David is the founder of several technology platforms, including Practice Boomers (a business development e-learning program), Practice Pipeline (a leading sales pipeline management system), Practice Viewer (a business intelligence platform) and Practice Driver (a business plan management system). Additional resources:  Ackert Inc. Website The Ackert Advisory Website Ackert Blog David's LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Ackert Inc. LinkedIn Transcript
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