31 minutes | Feb 26, 2021

Moving Into A Higher Queer... Equality Beyond The Law

In today's episode, to celebrate 2021 LGBTQ+ History Month, we talk to the incomparable Olly Pike, the founder of the LGBTQ+ edutainment organisation Pop'n'Olly, about why his work to educate young people about queer communities is so important, and why the law isn't the only tool we need to make LGBTQ+ equality a reality. You can find Olly's work and support his efforts at popnolly.com and lgbteducation.co.uk, and remember to check out his podcast Equality Education and his YouTube and social media resources as well!Check out the accompanying blog post at lawaccordingtoaking.blogspot.com to learn more about the history of queer legal liberation in the UK and around the world, from the 1533 Buggery Act to the present day and looking for next steps to ensure equal protection for all under the laws. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn at @lawaccordingtoaking, Twitter at @lawaccording, or email us on lawaccordingtoaking@gmail.com with your questions, comments, and ideas. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com "Phoenix Rising" 
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