42 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

An Uncivil Law... Comparing COVID Responses

In the final episode of season 1 of Law According To A King, we talk to David Nelken, a professor of comparative and transnational law at King's College London's School of Law, about how to understand the COVID pandemic from his unique perspective of global indicators. David talks about his research into how we measure success when it comes to everything from universities to pandemic responses, and what this means for starting to comprehend everything that has happened in the last year, and how we can learn from COVID-19 in tackling the next pandemic. Keep an eye out later this year for season 2!Check out the accompanying blog post at lawaccordingtoaking.blogspot.com to learn more about international law and how the fundamental equality between states can lead to problems in tackling global challenges like climate change, human rights and pandemics. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at @lawaccordingtoaking, Twitter at @lawaccording, or email us on lawaccordingtoaking@gmail.com with your questions, comments, and ideas. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com "Phoenix Rising" 
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