25 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

Adding Insult To Injury... Immorality Without Criminality

In today's episode we talk to Samantha Ryan, a professor in criminal law at Newcastle University, about her research into the relationship between morality and the criminal law, the decriminalisation of HIV+ transmission, and the role of autonomy when it comes to the law. WARNING: This content may not be suitable for all audiences, and some listeners may find the content distressing.Check out the accompanying blog post at lawaccordingtoaking.blogspot.com to learn about the reasons why many academics are arguing for the decriminalization of HIV transmission, and the public health reasons why punishing reckless HIV transmission can be dangerous. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at @lawaccordingtoaking, Twitter at @lawaccording, or email us on lawaccordingtoaking@gmail.com with your questions, comments and ideas. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com "Phoenix Rising"   
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